Booking Conditions:
The above mentioned general conditions are an integral part of this contract "fax, letter or e-mail confirmation" stipulated between the Customer and Easydream Srls; the contract - concerning a term lease - enters into force with the confirmation by Easydream Srls of the receipt of the first transfer or payment of sums as a confirmatory deposit. The individual rental relationships intervene exclusively between the Owner / Owner of the property and the customer (tourist-guest-conductor). It follows that Easydream Srls remains completely extraneous to this rental relationship. A rental contract for tourist use will be signed between the Owner and the Client. Easydream Srls will acknowledge receipt of the receipt to the customer (tourist-guest-host) upon payment, in the name and on behalf of the Owner / Holder. The Customer (tourist-guest-host), by making a reservation through the company, declares to be aware of the contents of this information document and to accept, expressly and unequivocally, the following general rental conditions.

Stipulation, payment terms

At the time of booking must be made by the applicant the payment, in favor of Easydream Srls, of the confirmatory deposit equal to 30% of the total cost of the rental in the case of "standard" booking, 100% of the total cost of the rental in the case of “prepaid” and “Last Minute” booking within 30 days from check-in, while the payment of the extras and the pre-authorization of the deposit for any damage, must be made by credit card. The authorization form must be duly signed and sent with the check-in procedures.

Departures and arrivals
The apartment will be delivered at 4:00 pm on the day of arrival in the contract (see next point "Important communications") and must be returned by 10:00 am on the day of departure indicated in the contract. In the event that the customer does not succeed or occupy the apartment from the day booked or at the scheduled time of arrival communicated, due to difficulties during the trip, strikes, or for personal reasons, no reimbursement is envisaged. The rental price is not divisible for periods shorter than the one established with the booking and a refund is expressly excluded after the beginning of the rental period in the event of early departure of the tenant (s).
Withdrawal by the Customer
The customer who withdraws from the contract for any reason will be required to pay the sums listed below as a penalty - including expenses. These amounts can be directly deducted from the sum paid at the time of booking. 30% of the total rental cost up to 30 days before the start of the stay, 100% of the total rental cost after these terms. The cancellation must be in writing.

Alternative or cancellation of the travel contract by Easydream Srls.
Easydream Srls. has the right to replace the booked apartment with another of the same cost and similar in the event of serious unforeseen circumstances. In case of force majeure, war, calamity and the like can cancel the contract by returning the amount paid.
Customer's obligations
Upon delivery of the keys, a security deposit must be paid, which must be blocked by credit card. In the event that such payment is not paid the reception office manager reserves the right not to deliver the keys.
The occupancy of the apartment is limited to the number of people mentioned in the contract with no sublease. The person in charge may prohibit entry to excess persons. The client undertakes to occupy the apartment respecting all the rules of good neighborliness and / or any condominium regulations, under penalty of removal from the house and the loss of the cost of the entire booked period. The cleaning of the kitchenette, crockery and kitchen equipment must be carried out by the customer as it is not included in the final cleaning. The security deposit will be returned within 7 days from the date of check-out, subject to verification of the condition of the leased asset, the entire deposit once it is ascertained that the apartment has not been damaged or, in any case, even minor alterations with respect to the initial condition of the lease.
Liability for damage or delay in delivery
In the event of delay in the return of the property at the end of the agreed period due to the tenant, the latter will be required to pay a sum equal to Euro 1,000.00 for each day of delay compared to that of the date scheduled for the release. The tenant / client will also be required to pay all further damages arising to the Easydream Srls company. or to third parties, due to the non-availability of the property - even if caused by third parties - also on an extra-contractual basis. In case of damage caused by third parties, the customer / driver will be held liable pursuant to art. 2051-2055 Civil Code, jointly and severally. The conductor / customer declares to be indifferent to the Easydream Srls company. from any damage to himself or to a third party, for any reason present in the apartment, for damaging events occurring inside the leased property or in its appurtenances limited to the period in which the property was (is) in its availability. The tenant / client personally assumes responsibility for damages - either directly or indirectly to the property or to third parties, deriving and / or attributable to his conduct or omission or to that of subjects present - in any capacity - in the apartment, committing itself - in any case - to relieve Easydream Srls of any claim for compensation. The tenant / client, with the physical delivery of the rented apartment, declares to have inspected it, not to have found anomalies or deficiencies either inside or outside and to have found it perfectly suitable for residential use, without reservation or exception, obliging itself to return it in the same state.
Important communications
The customer, no later than seven days before the beginning of the stay must communicate the time of the expected arrival at the reception office. The omitted communication exempts Easydream Srls. From lack of customer reception after the following times:
- from 16:00 to 20:00;
- arrivals after 20:00 need more than the prior notification also of the approval of the reception office, which when favorable, will involve the payment of the added cost of € 35.00 per apartment. Assistance is not provided outside the office hours indicated above, unless previously agreed.
Other communications
The Easydream Srls company is not responsible for objects or values left unattended in the apartments during the stay or forgotten on departure. Please note that during the summer the Municipalities could issue resolutions that require the use of water only for personal and / or food use and not for drinking.
Pets are not allowed. The booking office at the time of booking reserves the right to accept them based on the type of the animal and the apartment. Any acceptance (indicated in writing in the contract) involves the payment of a deposit increased by € 250.00 and the payment of € 50.00 in addition to the final cleaning.
Contract changes
Any modification, variation, addition, to be made on the agreements contained in this contract or which has the same efficacy, must result from a written document. The competent court For every controversy, only the Forum of Tempio Pausania will be competent.
The customer / driver declares to have read all the aforementioned general terms and conditions and to approve specifically, in relation to articles 1341 (I and II paragraph) and 1342 Cod. Civ. the parts relating to: 1. Stipulation and payment conditions; 2. Departures and arrivals; 3. Withdrawal by the customer; 4. Customer's obligations; 5. Other communications; 6. Liability for damage or delay in delivery; 7. Interpretation of the contract; 8 Jurisdiction.