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Holiday Villas and Vacation Rentals

Rent a villa for your next trip and enjoy a new popular way to spend your holidays! Villa and home rentals are more convenient and relaxing with a lot of amenities at your disposal that a stay in an ordinary hotel just can’t provide. Just to mention some, you will have a kitchen at your disposal to prepare your own meals saving money, and you will experience the privacy of a private garden of your villa. Most villas also have a beautiful swimming pool where take a swim during sunny days. If you are fond to some particular service that your hotel usually provides you, don’t worry, we have rentals that offer services like daily maid service and private chef.


We have private luxury villas for large groups and Apartments for smaller groups and couples

We have private luxury villas for large groups and Apartments for smaller groups and couples. In all apartments, you will have your private kitchen, living area, bedrooms and bathrooms and you will share the garden and the swimming pool with the other guests in the villa. This solution is great because it allows you to live in a spacious villa while spending less money. You can choose how many stars your holiday rental should have, and we will find the quality you are looking for in an house. Our huge selection makes it easy to find a villa and apartments that matches your quality and budget needs.


Stay in a EASY…DREAM… Experience the difference!

Our personalized service lifestyle management and personal concierge are designed to ensure that your time is dedicated as possible to the relaxation of your holiday. You need a personal shopper can make you feel better, advice on local products, a chef can arrange a spectacular dinner or simply teach you how to cook “Typical”, a expert babysitter in last minute or treatment from beauty farm to your home.
We have the right people and to provide you with these and other specialized services, that you take care of you and will simplify life.